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This Week’s Featured Willowgreen Resource:
This Time of Caregiving

Back when my daughter worked as a hospice chaplain, she said to me, “Hospice people need a resource we can give family members soon after they realize they’re going to be caregivers for a dying person. Most people have real doubts about their ability to do this. Moreover, these people have little extra time and no extra energy, so any such resource must be easy to digest.”

I decided to design and create the book that Christen requested, aided by her professional insights. When it was done we titled it This Time of Caregiving: Words of Encouragement and Hope. It’s 32 pages long and composed around of 12 validating thoughts. Interesting quotations are sprinkled throughout. It’s priced at only $5.95, with generous discounts for quantity purchases at this LINK

Paul Johnson, Bereavement Services Supervisor with HealthPartners Hospice and Palliative Care in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, has offered this feedback to the book:

When I first read This Time of Caregiving, I wondered if Jim Miller had secretly been living in my house, watching my actions, and somehow reading my mind because he addressed in helpful and reassuring words so many of the things I had been thinking and feeling.

I carry extra copies of this book in my briefcase because I never know when I may happen upon someone who could really benefit from its content. Caregivers often serve in relative obscurity and are very grateful to receive something that speaks directly to their needs.

I give a copy of This Time of Caregiving to individuals who were not aware of the book during their time of caregiving and whose caregiver role is now over because their loved one has died. Even after their caregiving role has ended, reading the book brings a sense of affirmation that comforts them in their grief.

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