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This Week’s Featured Willowgreen Resource:
The Art of Being a Healing Presence

Once I decided to write a book on healing presence, I called Susan Cutshall. She’s the director of the chaplaincy program of a large hospice in Tacoma, Washington. She’s also a long-time friend and a natural healing presence herself. She agreed to join me in the creation of this resource. We met only once, for two days, staying in nearby cottages an hour from her home, as we planned the book. The rest of the writing process involved long, early morning phone calls and a gazillion emails.

Now The Art of Being a Healing Presence: A Guide for Those in Caring Relationships is out in the world, exerting its quiet influence. It’s classically Willowgreen: succinct, readable, practical, filled with quotations, artfully designed. Many professional caregivers have turned to it. One hospital in Oregon gave a copy to all 5,000 of their staff. Susan and I are pleased that this book is helping to illuminate and inspire caring individuals and organizations throughout North America.

Sherril Bover, a caregiver coach and national speaker, has written:

When I was first introduced to Jim Miller’s The Art of Being a Healing Presence, I was working with the Alzheimer’s Association as a support group facilitator and community educator. I was looking for any information that would help me assuage the pain families felt when their loved ones suffered from dementia. Jim’s book certainly did that. In fact I would often read a section each morning as I prepared my day.

But The Art of Being a Healing Presence did much, much more. In his gentle way, Jim taught me something about myself that I had never known. Something important and life-changing. That even I, with all my failings and foibles, could be a healing presence, a bringer of light to others.

What a blessing this book has been!

The Art of Being a Healing Presence: A Guide for Those in Caring Relationships has recently been released as both an audio book and as ePub and Kindle eBooks. They are available online along with the printed book at this LINK.

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