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This Week’s Featured Willowgreen Resource:
Invincible Summer

Invincible Summer was the first video I produced for the purpose of encouraging personal healing. I had created several informational and historical videos, but none that called upon my experiences of working with grieving people as a minister and counselor, none that used my own photography from nature. It took over a year to complete, mostly because I needed to produce a body of photography based upon my central idea: that grief is as natural as the unfolding of the seasons. So I photographed the four seasons in as many locales as possible while I continued to do my research and write the script. Originally it was a six-projector slide presentation that was later transferred to videotape and later still into DVD format. It continues to surprise me that people find this resource so meaningful after all these years.

Rev. John Peterson, head chaplain at a large Midwestern medical center, recently wrote this:

Several years ago our Pastoral Care Department showed Invincible Summer to a group of fifty people who had gathered for a quarterly memorial service for those who had lost a loved one at the hospital.  The brief service was over, and those who came were invited to stay for refreshments and watch the Willowgreen video. Many of the viewers found it very moving, beautiful and both affirming of their grief and the hope that they felt. Although it was not something I planned, a spontaneous time of discussion arose about the video. It was a very meaningful time.

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