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What Will Help Me? / How Can I Help?

It’s been quite a while since I was called to spend a weekend with a larger church in Covington, Kentucky. This congregation had experienced an unusually large number of deaths in quick succession, some of which were traumatic. I led workshops, spoke individually with family members, and helped lead worship on Sunday morning. It was clear that two distinct groups of people needed assistance there. On the one hand, there were the grieving individuals and families themselves. On the other, there were all the congregational members who were grieving in their own way but mostly they were concerned about the many bereaved family members in their midst. So I needed to address both audiences. Realizing my time in Covington was very short, I wrote a handout for each of those two audiences and put it together as one small booklet. Copies were handed out as people left worship, and a number of copies were saved for those who could not attend that morning.

Several months later the minister of this congregation called to say, “People keep asking for your writing. We’ve made many extra copies and given them away. But I’m becoming uncomfortable making these available for free. This is your work and I think you ought to receive some compensation for it. Why don’t you publish this as a book yourself?”
I had never published a book before, nor did I feel much calling to do so. But it seemed like a logical step, so I did. Thus What Will Help Me? / How Can I Help? was born.

Twenty-some books later I have no strong desire to publish another book. But who knows what lies ahead?

David White, who works with Hospice Volunteer Services in Middlebury, Vermont recently wrote this:

Our agency recommends this concise and versatile book on a regular basis. Both the bereaved and their caregivers find it very useful. Its low price allows us to share it freely, which feels good all around.

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