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This Week’s Featured Willowgreen Resource:
How Do I Go On?

When I began producing videos, I created the first three simultaneously. One was on grief (Invincible Summer) and another was on dealing with sadness (Listen to Your Sadness). A friend explained to me that she felt something needed to be created for those who are going through serious, life-changing crises. That led to the third video, How Do I Go On? Re-designing Your Future After Crisis Has Changed Your Life. First it was a six-projector slide presentation, then a videotape, then a DVD, as communication technologies evolved. Years after it was first written and recorded, it still seems to hold an almost timeless wisdom. I can’t take a lot of credit for that—many people added their wisdom and insight to it.

Recently Marilyn Hess wrote this:

Shortly after I began working in Bereavement Ministry for the Indianapolis Archdiocesan Office of Family Ministries in 1989, I met Jim Miller and became aware of his beautiful and profound healing resources. Since that time, I have invited him to give presentations for the Archdiocese and incorporated many of his audiovisuals into various ministry trainings. In addition I have used them as tools in bereavement or divorce ministry support groups. One of the resources I often use is How Do I Go On? Re-designing Your Future After Crisis Has Changed Your Life. This short, adaptable piece uses beautiful imagery and simple concepts to explain the process of loss and can easily be used in support groups where grievers are exploring various challenges they are facing. It is a DVD that can be used multiple times (in an open ended support group) because the viewer will often see himself in a different place and appreciate how much he/she has grown since the last viewing.

Marilyn is Director of Healing Ministries in the Office of Family Ministries.

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