This Week’s Featured Willowgreen Resource:
Healing Meditations DVD

While I create most of my resources to be spiritual in the largest sense of the word, I decided a few years ago to create some pieces that were more specifically religious. That’s how the DVD, Healing Meditations, came into being. The message of the 23rd Psalm called out to be shared. The Lord’s Prayer seemed ready for interpretation in this format in which I love to work. The words of St. Francis reached out across the centuries.

Repeatedly I hear the same thing from hospital chaplains who put these short pieces on the patient channels of their closed circuit TV systems: these videos quickly become among the most watched of all the options available. People still seek out and resonate with those timeless words.

A supporter of our work wrote this:

I have used the DVD of healing meditations to begin and end meetings or in-services. Recently I was asked to speak at a quarterly resident/family meeting at the VA Community Living Center and to tell about what I do as Spiritual and Bereavement Care Coordinator.  I showed “A Caregiver’s Prayer” at the close of the meeting. It was very well received and the attendees, many of them caregivers, were encouraged by it. I look forward to using these audio/visual meditations in the monthly Remembrance Services.

Anne Rodman, Chaplain Services, Manchester, New Hampshire

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  1. Jim Tobalski says:

    Beautiful. Relaxing. Uplifting. Peaceful. Moving.

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