This Week’s Featured Willowgreen Resource:
Autumn Wisdom

Back when I was a young minister, I helped develop a rather vigorous program for elder adults that served as an outreach project. I learned so much in those few years. My understanding of elder adulthood was literally transformed as I got to know and work closely with such vital people. It was another fifteen years before I created a resource about elder adulthood—first a video and later a book.  When the publisher took the book out of print, I gained control of the rights myself and re-did the book in my own way. In doing so, I re-wrote much of it because I realized that as I approached my own elder adulthood, my ideas had evolved through the years. Today Autumn Wisdom reflects pretty well what I believe about this stage of life.

My friend Ginny Hartman recently wrote about this book with these words:

In my work as a nurse and a chaplain, Autumn Wisdom has been a book that I refer to often. I choose this book, both professionally and personally, to practice lectio divina devotional times in which short segments of the book are read, silently meditated upon, and then re-read.   I am amazed at the gentle way in which this book prepares and opens the heart to move into the later years of life.

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