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This Week’s Featured Willowgreen Resource:
When You’re the Caregiver:
12 Things to Do If Someone You Care For
Is Ill or Incapacitated

When You’re the Caregiver: 12 Things to Do If Someone You Care For Is Ill or Incapacitated grew out of my caring for my wife at home as she recuperated from surgery and dealt with chemotherapy a number of years ago. There were little things I learned to do that helped both her and me. There were things others did for us that made a large difference. There were many things that I picked up through my reading and by listening to others who had served as caregivers before me. After Bernie had healed, I visited with a number of people, both caregivers and care receivers, in their homes and asked a lot of questions as I began putting this book together. And a number of such people read early versions of the manuscript and offered their input. It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a community of like-minded souls to build a book. I’m grateful to have found such a community, which has only grown through the years.

Sister Juanita Durgin, FCSCJ, a Eucharistic minister and volunteer caregiver in New Hampshire, recently wrote the following:

This book was given to me to read when I was caring for my aunt who was dying of brain cancer.  The easy to understand, short and to the point topics are easily fit into the caregiver’s day. I especially found the section on taking time to feel and express my feelings very helpful. I would recommend it to others in similar situations.

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  1. dlip says:

    Thank you
    This has been encouraging I am touched that you visited my brother’s blog His journey through a stroke and to the point he has now arrived at has been hard on all those around him – his wife in particular. I shall recommend this blog too for relief and respite from a situation that seems and is endless.

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