This Week’s Featured Willowgreen Resource:
The Gift of Healing Presence

I decided to create a resource on healing presence that would be as accessible as possible to caregivers, both professional and lay. So a few months ago we came out with The Gift of Healing Presence: Encouraging Thoughts for Busy Caregivers. It’s like a condensed version of The Art of Being a Healing Presence with full-color photography and a whole new assortment of quotations added. It’s also less expensive that our first book. You can learn more about it at this LINK.

Sharon Olson, PhD, a gerontological nurse practitioner who works in and around Traverse City, Michigan, recently wrote:

I have used The Art of Being a Healing Presence for retreats with volunteer harpers who play at patients’ bedsides. It has helped us restore and renew our patient/family focus and intention. And now it’s available in a shorter form! I love your photography. Your valuable resources call me back again and again to what I am ‘about’ as a nurse.

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