I Thank You

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7 Responses to I Thank You

  1. KC Laycock says:

    Thank you. Today will be bitter cold where I am, but so beautiful. I will not miss it.

  2. Bernie Miller says:

    Thank you, love, for bringing this favorite poem back into my heart in a way only you can. Beautiful.

  3. Lorene says:

    What a perfect melding of words and photographs…what a perfect way to capture the essence of the incredible beauty found in nature…what a perfect expression of gratitude for the world in which we live. I thank YOU, Jim, for your gift of inspiration.

  4. Bill Jamieson says:

    I found my Savior not within the Church, but within his Church which is nature. Countless hours in tree stands watching the insects, birds, trees, and yes the occasional deer.
    I traveled from a groupie of Carl Sagan (A good man) to finding God and it was through close observation, that I discounted evolution and thus left an opening for him to walk into my life.
    It was a 10 year process saying again and again to myself, ”This could not have been a random act” but was purposeful.
    What do you get out of hunting deer and sitting up in a tree I was asked often and I smile and say I found something bigger than myself and my salvation.
    Not bad for a $35.00 hunting license folks. Look in the places where he has done his best work before totally dismissing Him. The video reflects those feelings and gives me great pleasure.

  5. Marjorie Egger says:

    Thank you for this most amazing meditation!

  6. Kim Utecht Prayfrock says:

    I love this e.e. cummings poem. So much so that I used it in my wedding program over 29 years ago!

  7. CPM says:

    this is the yes of the yes of my evening.

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