Nothing Disturbs

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2 Responses to Nothing Disturbs

  1. Bill Jamieson says:

    Each Spring, I pray to God for just one more, as I so enjoy each Season and it is no mistake that earths axis is exactly correct. A degree more or less, would doom the world. Yes, God our Creator is responsible for the “The Privileged Planet” and we are the only planet that has life and the only planet that has a view of the Universe. A Mistake? We know it is not, and Science has found God in a DNA strand, in where they find digital code and miniture machines that require information, which requires Thought?
    Darwinism will not stand up to Molecular Biology of the 21st Century, and how ironic will it be, in that Science will find what we have always believed.
    Enjoy your Spring Folks

  2. Lori Stone says:

    That just made my day

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