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3 Responses to Purple

  1. Linda Rutherford says:

    My father passed away in October, at Christmastime, I thought I can’t do the Holiday thing, then I read Christmas in Deep Purple,(found in Thoughts from Thornburg, Dean of Marsh Chapel 12/96) It states, purple is the color of royalty, it is a virtual aid helping us to see the majesty of God. But deep purple is also the color of dark shadows that crowd in on our lives at times of pain and sorrow. This writing inspired me to get out of my sad thoughts and I did. I put up a Christmas tree decorated in all purple, in honor of my dad, Duke and enclosed a copy of the writing with all of my Christmas cards. Thank you for the video. It touched my heart.

  2. Love this! Purple is my favorite color. If this winter ever is done (I’m here in Minnesota) I will treasure seeing my first purple flower of the season! White…is getting on my nerves!

  3. CPM says:

    Yep, I think it pisses God off if we don’t pay attention to Her. 🙂

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