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3 Responses to Thin

  1. Anne Rodman says:

    I don’t have words yet for this one but I feel it deeply.

    Jim, have you considered making a DVD of of your one-minute inspirations.
    To be able to select one to use at the beginning or close of a conversation (single or group) would be good. Most places at the VA where I hold or attend meetings or groups the is not wireless available but we have laptops with DVD and DVD players.

    The palliative care team that I’m on and many of the nursing and other staff are broken and dysfunctional. I’m not sure I can survive the government beurocratic system and the conflict. I’ve started a 15 min. shift change time for the staff calling it a “grief debrief”. On the monthly Wednesday that I have the Remembrance Service I take the service brochure that lists the Veterans who died on the unit. I started the first one with your “In Appreciation” handout and read certain ones to each staff.
    They really felt appreciated and loved that day.

    Thanks so much for your ministry and great resources.
    Blessings to you,

    • Elizabeth says:

      I agree with you. These videos are wonderful focus points which create an opening to the “thin” place, and as such are truly a moment of healing, even as we work in such seemingly austere bureaucracies.

  2. Although my Nanny in Scotland did not call these “Thin Places,” she entrenched into me, that places like this were easy to find, and now at 62, Jim relays perfectly what they actually are, and believe it is a perfect explanation, although I did not see the “Wee People,” that I believe in with all my heart, but then again my nanny said, you see them by mere luck. Today with my grandchildren, I pass this gift on to another generation.

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