Stone Circle

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1 Response to Stone Circle

  1. Judy Koeppl says:

    Dear Jim,
    I am not sure you would remember me but I talked with you many years ago when you were thinking about marketing and how to get your great words out there for others. (I was at HospiceCare in Madison, WI at that time and then went on to begin The Center For Life & Loss Integration there on the shores of Lake Monona.)

    Your meditation on Stone Circles touched me so deeply. My husband Jack and I visited this same stone circle many years ago with our son Patrick. Pat was studying anthropology at Notre Dame University and spent his junior year in Ireland at Maynooth. We visited him and saw many sacred sites and were always in awe of the holiness we felt. This past year my husband died and I miss him so very much. It was wonderful to remember that amazing time. He was so delighted to be there. Thank you Jim for all your wonderful words and images that have helped so many grieving persons, like myself, to find comfort.

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