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5 Responses to Thread

  1. Anne Butler says:

    What a beautiful one minute inspiration to ponder on our anniversary day! Thanks, Jim for capturing the essence of such wonder and mystery in God’s created beauty for all of us to enjoy!

  2. I like these reflections very much. Most “Thread” is indeed made up of several intertwining strands that lends strength to the whole. Emphasizing how we are all connected, especially intimate partners, in just a minute, works powerfully for me.

    Gordon J Hilsman

  3. Charles Klingler says:

    Your thread led me to this poem by Robert Frost: .

  4. Suzanne Worswick says:

    Sharon and Amy, it seems as though you are right here with me in this very room! I haven’t seen either one of you for three years, but I remember your sweet smiles and loving personalities. Thank you Jim, for making this reunion possible. The harps and the thoughtful words touched me. Suzanne Worswick Clemmons, NC

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