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5 Responses to Breeze

  1. Anne Rodman says:

    I showed this at the shift change report with nurses this morning. They were truly “uplifted” by this inspiration. I told them that I had watched it earlier at home without the sound and the first thought that came to mind was “pneuma” the Greek word for “breath” or “wind” or “Spirit”.
    Their response to the inspiration was like a fresh breath or breeze after working all night caring for people at end-of-life. Thank you, Jim. The nurses look forward to your new inspiration each Wednesday morning. I play it again at change of shift in the afternoon.
    VA Chaplain

  2. Sandy Milholland says:

    BEAUTIFUL!! Welcome back!! Wednesday Inspirations were missed, but worth the wait. I have an antiquated dial up system that takes maybe half an hour to load a 1-Minute Video, but again…worth the wait. I know it is a lot to ask, but please continue to inspire us.


  3. Mauryeen O'Brien,O.P. says:

    Your 1-minute inspirations always leave me both breathless and at peace. What a wonderful way to greet a “middle of the week”.Thank you for all you do to expand both our hearts and minds..

  4. You’ve made me aware that the slightest changes occur each day. Whether it’s a blue sky, music that fills me, or contact with a child, I am airborne. Thank you for reminding me to be on the alert for opportunities to be lifted up, up, and away!

  5. Margaret Flowers says:

    I am new to the website and these inspirational messages, but am so very impressed!
    I am a mature (not old) oncology nurse and now work PT in hospice for my retirement job.

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