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5 Responses to Color

  1. mev says:

    wow! love it.

  2. kathleen says:

    Joy in the morning or hope in the evening very lovely thank you

  3. Margaret Flowers says:

    Just beautiful! I will look for the color in the leaves today!

  4. Susan Cutshall says:

    What a perfect invitation to embrace and savor the fall colors. Medicine for the soul. Susan

  5. 6muirdrive says:

    And if that “Color” does not find you, then you might want to seek the Creator, the force and grace of those colors, but let us not forget to go through the Son, before hand. There is no other way folks, and the conduit and catalyst belongs with Christianity, the only way. It’s is our duty and obligation to prophosize our religion, yet we do not as a whole, and I wonder what He thinks of those who do not? Being politically correct, might cost you eternity.

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