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6 Responses to Happy

  1. kathleen says:

    Youth and Age. A meeting without discord in spite of the gap. Lovely

  2. Anne Rodman says:

    Happiness and peace on a person’s face, young or old, is contagious. Thank you, Jim, for bringing this to your faithful Wednesday followers. In an hour I will be showing it at the nurses change of shift. They’ve been caring for people, mostly elders, throughout the night and many will be going home to care for their children. Thank you for this beautiful reflection to share with them.


  3. Jim, I love this. It reminds us to lean on the simple things that come our way, sometimes those close to us that we can take for granted in our busy days. Terry

  4. Pat Turk says:

    Love the pictures of some of my favorite people! Yesterday I picked up my granddaughter from day care early (at lunchtime) because I missed her. Even though I had lots to do getting ready for a big trip today, I wanted to spend time with Morgan and her brother Logan. Thanks, Jim, for these weekly reminders of what’s really important. I’m going to forward this one to friends and family.

  5. Patty says:

    thank you ! how special 🙂

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