My friends,

Perhaps I subconsciously chose this particular 1-Minute Inspiration for today. Who knows? But it was only after I viewed it upon its completion, aware that I’d be writing this additional note today, that I realized the connection. Watch this week’s 1-Minute and you’ll understand this reference.

I’ve been creating these 1-Minute pieces for just over a year, as I promised I would. I missed the weekly deadlines only a couple of times, when I was out of the country for extended periods. It’s been fun for me many ways, as I’ve learned how to communicate something of substance, I hope, in just sixty seconds. I’m grateful that 298 of you have chosen to follow me as subscribers to this blog.

But now I’m aware that it’s becoming more difficult for me to justify the time involved in creating these, week after week. Usually it takes between five and eight hours, from beginning to end. There’s also some personal expense involved.

I’m pleased that many of you have found these posts of value. But now I’m at a place where I wish to follow my passion (again, watch this week’s post) and it’s leading me in a different direction. I want to apply this general format to a more specific audience: those who are grieving and their families. I’m about to create a large number of 1-minute validations and encouragements for such people. In committing myself to this venture, something must give way in my weekly workload.

I’ll not be giving up these 1-Minute Inspirations entirely. From time to time something will come into my life or my consciousness and I’m sure that will lead me to create a new Inspiration. But I’ll not do that as frequently or as regularly as I have in the past. I may also post one of the new videos that I’m creating for the bereaved, if it seems to have a more universal appeal. You can also, of course, look back at any of the 52 existing Inspirations whenever you want; I’ll keep these pages online for a long time. It’s just that I’ll not be posting a new one each Wednesday morning.

In the meantime, do be well. And be an inspiration in your own way.


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2 Responses to Passion

  1. Connie Eiceman says:

    I’ll miss the inspirations but can understand the need for redirection. I think those grieving may well be blessed with your words. I thank you for all that you have shared in the past. I wish you the best and look forward to what you share with us in the future.

  2. Jan Huffman says:

    Thanks for your wonderful words and photographs. You have been and are a blessing. I know you will touch many with your very personal reflections and building a stronger relationship with our Creator God. We can respond in grace. Blessings this day and may you continue to discern your passion.

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