Secret Nerve

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4 Responses to Secret Nerve

  1. Beauty is within us and it is everywhere in the natural world around us. When we stop spending time in nature, then we begin shutting down at some level because we are not being fed with that beauty. When we surround ourselves with manmade things, we feel our energy depleted because they do not contain the essence of love and beauty which nature does. In nature we replenish our energies and we feel connected to the everything. This is my understanding.

  2. Lois Neal says:

    Thanks – I so agree!

  3. Christopher Alburo says:

    thank you for inspiring me

  4. 6muirdrive says:

    This I knew, but never thought of it, until this exact moment. It is a lot like going to a funeral, and see the deceased grandchildren run around, like nothing has happened, but it has, as Heaven has opened up and our Creator has let one more enter eternity, so the children act, as we should.

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