Best Moments

Today’s 1-Minute Inspiration is the last video that I’ll share from “100 Healing Messages for Your Grief,” one of the resources I’ve recently created around the topic of loss and grief. I find it a challenge to communicate a meaningful message in an artistic way within a very brief time span. It’s a challenge that keeps calling my name.

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5 Responses to Best Moments

  1. Marjorie Egger says:

    Yes to living the life the Spirit makes possible out of the joy and grief of loves lived and lost.

  2. Andrea says:

    So true. The simplicity of a single, solitary, distinct event has to be among the most precious and unexpected gifts the universe can provide to inspire us forward. Thank you Jim, for the elegance of this, your last, 1 minute inspiration of this series. Bravo!

  3. Pat Turk says:

    Thank you, Jim, for these inspirational moments. You have amazing gifts! Love the pix of you and GJP on FB! So glad to see the whole family this summer in Fort Worth. Probably the last time we’ll see them here, but we’ll just have to visit your part of the world!

  4. Therese Caruso says:

    The challenge keeps calling your name— and you always answer so beautifully. Thank you for sharing yourself and your gentle wisdom.

  5. coniatthebeach says:

    So beautiful. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and words with us.

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