No Color

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4 Responses to No Color

  1. Sheila Whelan says:

    The vibrancy of the colours is wonderfully uplifting. Thanks.

  2. Anita Burrous says:

    During the winter, I look out my kitchen window and see grey and white – and sometimes that is pretty too. But oh, when spring comes color explodes and continues to change all summer and fall – what a blessing.

  3. Jeana Bodart says:

    “It is a gift of world-class rejoicing!” And sometimes it’s a gift we take for granted. After some eye emergencies the past couple years, colors have become so much more gratefully cherished now. Awareness…awe…grateful joy! Thanks for the beautiful reminder, Jim.

  4. I decided this Winter would be different, in feeding the birds and the majestic deer. In Ohio, Winter really are shades of gray, or at least that was my mindset. All Winter, our yard has been a rainbow of colors, with birds and finches we did not know exsisted, and the deer were truly medicine for all those secular visiters, that visited our home. Do you believe that the deer and all of nature, we’re products of a blind unguided process, I would ask, and several said, ” You have me thinking now Bill,” to which I replied, ” Then what about your loved ones?

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