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6 Responses to Young

  1. Mary Krahn says:

    Love your words and especially the loves of your life!

  2. Jeana says:

    How beautiful, Jim! Congratulations to Bernie for being so fully alive, and thanks for her inspiration to all of us to do the same.

  3. Steve Gardt says:

    You are both an inspiration!

  4. Pat Turk says:

    Great to see these photos of Bernie having fun with your grandchildren! They do keep us young and challenge us to do more than we think we can!

  5. Marjorie Egger says:

    God bless your present and future young years together!

  6. marcher1720 says:

    Thank you for all the inspiration. I’m in Methodist hospital for a while and your channel brings me comfort and relaxes me through out the procedures. God bless and hugs. I am an artist/illustator and your works are stupendous. Hugs Marg♥♥♥

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