Moments: Having Time Enough

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5 Responses to Moments: Having Time Enough

  1. Anne says:

    Enjoyed, this morning, as a devotional and praise for those precious moments.
    Thank you, Jim.

  2. Kay Carlew says:

    Very Beautiful ! What an introduction to relationships. I see many ways in which this prayer, this video, could be used. Thanks you, Kay

  3. Elaine Glass says:

    So often we forget how blessed with are with the time we have. This is a good reminder. Thanks!

  4. Barbara Baker says:

    How quickly those special moments pass. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Jeana says:

    “What about ALLOWING the time available to be time enough”…. Wow, Jim, that really goes to the heart of so many daily frustrations. Thank you so much for the reminder to truly enter into the gift of each moment and to ALLOW it to be, to teach us, to be “enough”….

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