The Wide World’s Joy

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5 Responses to The Wide World’s Joy

  1. Sheila Whelan says:

    Thank you! The daisies brought a wide smile to my face.

  2. 6muirdrive says:

    This was God’s original wish, but regretfully we have the sun shining on so many in this world, but with hungry bellys. Children especially bare the brunt of our follies and evil is still holding it’s own in this world. We have become so very complacent when it comes to the innocent children, as long as nothing interferes with our little nitch of our own personal world. Jims videos so try to convey that it is up to us to change things, but we know until He visits us again, matters will get much worse and men like Jim will be in the minority, as the second coming is close, but not close enough to prevent the devil from having his fair due with the populous.

    • susan says:

      Dear friend, the sunshine still shines on the good and evil alike its there for us all, sadly some do not see or even like it. They prefer the darkness. Its still there shining. If only every being would let it shine on them. Maybe tomorrow? We can hope.

  3. Jeana says:

    Your gorgeous, carefully-chosen photography really captures the miracle of your message, Jim. Thank you for sharing the gifts of your creative insight with all of us.

  4. susan says:

    Hopefully we can reflect the light . thanks Jim for being such a positive force

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