Newer Every Day

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5 Responses to Newer Every Day

  1. Marjorie Egger says:

    Thank you, Jim for your beautiful photos and thoughtful words, Somehow, this came to me when I most needed to see, hear and feel it–could it be the Spirit at work in the world?

  2. Jeana says:

    Jim, your inspiring thoughts and captured photo-beauty have reawakened my spirit…….thank you so much. Being more attentive with every sense to “newness” all around and within is so lifegiving!

  3. Connie Shook says:

    Thank you Jim, I am newly widowed and Springtime, New Life, was my husband’s favorite season, I am going to try to embrace it and live thru him the miracles of nature. I am new to this site and thank you!

  4. 6muirdrive says:

    And on our last day and breath, we Christians again become brand new, as promised by our Savior Jesus Christ.

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